Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!


In England, the cold weather is finally fading after sticking around for a long time! A looooong long time! The jackets are off, and the sun is out. I’ve been planning to share my love of spring and summer for a while now, and the transition between the two seasons is the perfect time to let you guys know why I love this time of year. So here’s a few of my summer faves!

Flowers – As you can see from my main picture for this blogpost, the flowers that pop up during Spring are beautiful! Suddenly everything smells amazing, and here in the woods you get bluebells everywhere. They’re such a beautiful sight to see, I feel calm just looking at them. We are well on the way to summer now so unfortunately these flowers are ending their life for this year, but it means that I have next year’s bluebells to look forward to! Plus, the leaves are all on the trees now. Nature is at its finest.

Warm Weather – No longer is there the need to wrap up in a coat every time you step out the house. As much as I love wearing scarves and jackets, there’s something freeing about being able to walk around wearing a cute dress or floaty top and no coat in sight! Plus, all this humidity means cold showers and ice creams. Yay!

Thunderstorms – Perhaps this is a strange thing to be on my list but I just love thunderstorms! That’s when I’m inside during one of course. Being able to sit at the window with a good book, watching lightning strike in the sky, counting between the flash and the bang to tell how far away it is. It brings back memories of when I used to do that during power-cuts as a child. Nature can be terrifying and mesmerising all at the same time. Not to mention that the smell of trees and grass after a rainstorm is divine!

Smells – I’ve already mentioned a few smells already in this post. Flowers and leaves on trees, rain, but there’s many more! Sun cream effectively becomes a perfume, not the best part of summer but still an essential. But some other smells make up for that. Who doesn’t love walking past a barbecue or someone mowing their lawn? Mmm the smell of cut grass!

Late Nights – It’s funny how time suddenly creeps up on you. One minute you’re closing the curtains at 4pm because it’s already dark, and the next you’re sitting out in the garden with friends at 10pm because it’s still bright outside. Some of my best memories are with late nights with friends, sitting on the patio with some nibbles and music playing in the background. Let’s put a few fairy lights in that image too, it really is picturesque isn’t it?

Romance – I am a sucker for romance and I really feel that love is in the air at this time. In summer you can just feel the amount of opportunities, the needs to go out and meet new people. The possibilities are endless! With beaches, barbecues, and late nights there’s so many places you could meet someone. Even if you’re not interested in romance at the moment, it’s the perfect atmosphere to treat yourself. Sit in the garden, or on the beach with a good book!

Outdoors – Everyone takes the opportunity to get out during this time of year. When it’s not raining there’s so much to do! You can challenge yourself and do something new. Go on holiday somewhere, or stroll along a beach somewhere. Do a sporting activity or go strawberry picking. The world is your oyster.

Fashion – Summer is my favourite time of year for fashion. All clothes are light coloured, people wear sunglasses and cute hats! You can tie your hair back in a cute braid, and wear a floaty dress with sandals that compliment it. So many flowery patterns are out at this time too! I have a kimono cardigan with flowers on that I’ve been dying to wear, now is the perfect time. Might I add that, personally, flower crowns will never go out of style? I will be wearing them all summer long.

Music – Is it just me or d some of the best songs come out during this time of year? All the music is so upbeat and bubbly, more people release country, and we get those slow, romantic songs; the ones that make you feel really nostalgic. Two nights ago I discovered Miley Cyrus' new song, Malibu, and it is the perfect tune for this summer. I'm going to have to crack out a summer playlist after listening to Malibu on repeat! 

Films – Earlier I mentioned romance, and summer is definitely the best time for that, not just because of opportunities but because everyone wants to release a romantic comedy at this time. I live for romantic comedies! They are the apple of my eye. My light at the end of the tunnel! Some of the best films get released during the summer holidays and this year is no exception. We’ve got Wonder Woman and Pirates of the Caribbean coming out. Plus, a new Zac Efron film called Baywatch! Are you guys excited? Cause I definitely am!

Now that I’ve had my little rave about all things summer I’d love to know what you think! What’s your favourite thing about this time of year? Or are you someone who prefers the colder nights? Let me know!

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