25 Random Facts About Me


Hi guys! I thought it was about time that you learnt a bit more about me. I saw this tag circulating blogs and Youtube a lot in the past and it looked fun. Plus its the perfect way for you to find out who I am!

1. Isabella is my middle name.
2. I have a first degree in Music and Musical Theatre.
3. I am currently learning to drive. Hooray for independence!
4. I'm only 5"1. I may be growing up in some aspects, but physically I haven't grown that much. 
5. My first live musical experience was Starlight Express by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I always used to wish I could be Pearl.
6. My first concert was Westlife. Mark was always my favourite member, and yes I cried buckets when they broke up!
7. I am obsessed with 90's boy bands. Backstreet Boys all the way!
9. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Animated Disney film.
10. I had tap dance lessons at university and plan to pick it back up again soon.
11. I own so many books that my bedroom might as well be a library. Hoarder alert!
12. Ever since I can remember, romance has been my favourite genre. However, I often delve into other ones too!
13. I used to be terrified of dogs but now I adore them.

14. My favourite season is Spring. All the flowers bloom, making the surroundings so colourful! Not to mention it smells glorious!
15. My favourite flowers are daisies and bluebells.
16. Onions are the enemy!
17. Bacon is definitely my favourite food.
18. I'm not a natural ginger, I dye it!
19. When I was younger I fell down the stairs and hit my head on some dog biscuits that my dad was carrying. My brother told me it was poo, and I believed him for years. I still have a scar from that accident on my forehead.
20. I once had a nightmare that I got kidnapped by Batman. He chased me around my house, and then when he eventually caught me he put me in his Batvan and told me to put my seatbelt on.
21. I still have tonnes of cuddly toys on my bed.
22. I went to Finland last year and met St Nicholas!
23. I can't play an instrument but I'd really love to learn guitar and piano.
24. The genres I listen to the most are country and musical theatre.
25. I have sung ever since I was little, and no matter what I career I find myself in, it will always be one of my biggest passions!

Hopefully you found some of those facts about me interesting! It's your turn to tell me some facts about you now! Comment below with 3 interesting facts about you, I'd love to know! 

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