Book Review: Geekerella by Ashley Poston


It is books like this that remind me why I love reading. All it took was for me to walk into Waterstones, see the cover and know I had to buy it. I hoped and prayed that this would be worth the time and money. Geekerella has done more than that, it has reignited my inner book nerd, and I know I’ll be reading obsessively for the next month.

Cinderella retellings have been done so many times before, I know, but the story is always magical and heartwarming, no matter what setting or characters lie within it. I only finished this book last night and yet I had to talk about it now! This is all quite fitting seeming as I mentioned my love of retellings in my Top Ten Tuesday a couple weeks ago. Not only did it include one of my favourite fairytales, there was a very clear homage to the film, You’ve Got Mail, too!  I’m not fussed about cheesy lines, or cliché tropes when they are written with a quirky sense of humour. Love/hate relationships just never get old. I found myself either laughing or fuming at the twists and turns as well as the mix of cruel and kind characters.

A modern, geeky take on a classic tale is all you need to boost your reading spirits. Especially if you liked Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl or are a part of a fandom yourself. Geekerella explores the wonder of the fandom community, and the power it creates. Not to mention the fact that it balances the information between Starfield and their real world perfectly.

And lastly, the messages in this book are delightful. Be proud of who you are and reach for the stars. Stand up for yourself, your friends and what you believe in! Take inspiration from your favourite character like Elle does with Prince Carmindor from Starfield. Who doesn’t love a bit of cosplay and community?!

Five stars from me! If I can’t put it down then how could the rating get any lower?

What a lovely way to end this month! Have you read Geekerella or any other fairytale retellings? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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