Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book


It has come to that part of the week again where I join in with the Broke and the Bookish’s series, Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s list is topics, themes or words that make me want to instantly read a book. Let’s get straight to it!

  • Theatre/Music – I love anything that involves the arts. Whether it’s a story about an actress trying to achieve her dreams, or just a high school girl that likes singing in her spare time. There are extra points given to any books that quote songs or have references!

  • Fairytales – My go to books when I was a child were fairytale books so it’s no wonder that this would be on the list as an adult! Fairytales have been told for centuries so any book that has a modern twist on a classic story is an instant favourite for me.

  • Princesses/Makeovers – If a book mentions having descriptions of flowing dresses, or a character having a miracle transformation then I am in!

  • Coming of Age/Self Fulfillment – Anything that mentions a character growing up, going on a journey and discovering themselves. As a person still learning who they are, it’s very easy to relate to a character who is doing the same.

  • Epistolary – Books created in the form of letters and emails are so fun to read! You can really get to know the characters that way and it can be quite quick and easy too. A nice breeze in between two heavy books.

  • Quirky – Characters that are created to be flawed, goofy and fun are the best! You can laugh at the silly things that they do, and really root for a happy ending for them.

  • Fantasy in the Real World – A mixture of the real and the unreal always gets me hooked. Especially when a story is trying to convince you that a fantasy world connected to ours is real. It really makes you wonder what could be out there.

  • Unique Time Periods – I recently read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell which is set in the 90’s and loved it! A lot of modern books are set in our time which we experience constantly anyway. It’s wonderful exploring somewhere in the past like the Victorian times or the 1950’s.

  • Thriller/Can’t Put Down – Usually when there is a comment on the back saying that a reader couldn’t put the book down then I really want to challenge that and see if its right. Who doesn’t love a bit of suspense?

  • Recommended - This last one is quite general but it’s very true. Seeing someone else talking passionately about a certain book nearly always want to read it. Even if it’s something I wouldn’t be interested in, I suddenly want to see what it’s all about.

Phew! That was a difficult one! There are so many different topics to choose from, I’m sure I missed out quite a few. Are there any particular topics in books you love that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I could always do with magical realism or urban fantasy.