Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book


Be prepared for things to get a little controversial, as this week we are talking about what makes us dislike a book! The Broke and Bookish have done a complete turnaround from their positive topic of instantly wanting a book. Despite the difficult topic, I still manage to find ten things to add to this week’s list. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty.

  • Idealizing Wrong Morals – If a character hurts another person or breaks the law and the writer portrays it as something acceptable then I almost instantly want to put the book down. It’s pretty hard to know this will occur before reading a book so usually I carry on anyway. But why do that? Flawed characters are needed, but only if they grow and learn from their mistakes.
  • “Perfect” Main Characters – Linking to my previous point, I often find main characters, especially in Chick-lits, who are written as if they can do no wrong. They know everything and are nice to everyone, having no insecurities, even though clearly they are very flawed. It’s so hard to like a character when their obvious flaws aren’t written to be shown.
  • Bad reviews – A bit of an obvious one. There have been times where I’ve loved the concept of a book until I’ve seen multiple people say it was disappointing. I’ll take the risk and avoid this one so I don’t waste my time.
  • Surrealism – Mention this word and I will run. One day I will be able to read a surreal book and see the hidden meanings behind all the dream sequences and confusing moments. Unfortunately, that day is not today. Believe me, I will brave it and accept the unknown someday!
  • Space – I have read many books with space involved and enjoyed them, but I often find myself lost and strangely bored in the concept of our universe being much bigger. There’s just too much to take in!
  • Religion – Being someone who’s not particularly religious, it’s no surprise that this is on my list. It’s not that I don’t want to read anything religious, I just never think to pick anything like it up. I have read books with religious metaphors in the past and not taken any notice of them!
  • Sports – I’m just not interested! Unless there’s ice skating or dance involved..
  • Factual – I strive to improve the variety of books that I read. However, I still find myself avoiding books that require knowing a lot about a particular subject to understand what’s happening. How can I get into it if I constantly have to look stuff up? Mark my words though; I will conquer these types of books someday.
  • Erotic – Is it getting hot in here? Honestly, it’s probably not. I often find fiction books about sex to be badly written and have characters who are weak or particularly nasty to other characters. Who needs it if you’ve got lovely characters and a great storyline?
  • Gory Humour – Scenes where characters throw up or do obscene things are just not my cup of tea! I don’t laugh, I just grimace.

What a tough topic! It’s quite hard to admit what you don’t like, when its best to push past the boundaries that you create for yourself. Perhaps in a few years, some of these things will feature on my list of wants in a book. We’ll have to wait and see!

So let me know: What puts you off from reading a book? Is there anything on my list that you think shouldn’t be on there? Comment don’t below!

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