A Day Out in Broadstairs - Books, Books, Books!


If you read my last post you'd know that I went to Broadstairs in Kent last week. After going to Morelli's we had a short walk around town and found a few lovely shops. A whimsical shop that sold little bits and bobs like necklaces and handbags caught my eye. There were lots of miscellaneous items, like a little jar of wishes! The man who ran the shop was very kind, a bit odd as he did kind of hit on me, even so it was great chatting to  him. Eventually I picked out a lovely daisy necklace, a great memory to bring home with me. I'm not really a jewelry person, but necklaces are always a fantastic keepsake. 

After walking down a little further, I found the Broadstairs Book Shop. Who doesn't love a good secondhand bookshop?? There's just something so relaxing about them; the smell, the look, the atmosphere. You walk into a bookshop and it's so quiet, a calming sort of quiet. It's a place that gives old books a second home. I often like to go to old bookshops to see if I can find any hidden treasures, whether that means something new or a books that's been read so much that the spine's falling apart. Even if you don't find anything, it's great to feel the warming vibes from being surrounded by books.

One thing that I've noticed about secondhand bookshops is that they often sell antiques as well. Broadstairs Book Shop was no different. There were clocks lining some of the walls, and a few grandfather clocks were lurking at the back. A few weren't even fully made! We used to have one sitting in our dining room, so I always feel a connection to them; despite the fact that ours didn't actually have a pendulum (it was a cupboard!). Don't you love the sound of the clock ticking though, its creepy yet soothing. They always reminds me of the nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory Dock, too.

From the picture below you can see that I did indeed find a book in my little hunt around the shop. Go Set A Watchman is one of my best secondhand finds! Not only was it released in 2015, the shopkeeper reckoned that it had never been read! I don't usually buy hardcovers either as they're more expensive, so finding one for £3 is a steal! Hopefully I'll be able to get round to reading it soon.

We had a wander around Broadstairs for a while after leaving the shop, until we decided to head back home. However, not before taking a slight detour. On our way back to the train station we decided that we'd stop off at Margate on the way. That's where I'll finish my day out, so stick around for tomorrow where I'll tell you about the last part of my seaside adventure, now in Margate!

Now I'd love to hear more about you! So let me know whether you've found any great secondhand bookshops near you. Have you found any good books from any?

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  1. I love finding a good second hand book store - there's one near me that is a new & used store that also carries movies, music, and local artists work. I always seem to walk out of there with a few things at a great price.

    1. That sounds like a dream come true! Any shop here that carries movies and music are charity shops. We need more like yours! :D

  2. I love used bookstores! They're so relaxing to just walk in off the busy street and it's all hushed, and yes the smell of books! I like ones that are a little messy too...

    1. It's exactly that feeling you described! Where all you can hear is the creaking of the floorboards as you walk. To find what you're looking for you have to search through the shop, and then there could be another section with what you want to! The shopkeepers are always so nice as well. Broadstairs Bookshop was quite messy, there were piles of books all over the floor, and half finished grandfather clocks. There was even a gentleman in the back fixing things, I think that's as magical as you can get! 😁