A Day Out in Broadstairs - Morelli's


My family decided to go on a little day out to Broadstairs this Sunday. I'm not much of a traveller, but I love seeing pictures of places other people have been so I thought I'd take a few snapshots myself! I've decided to split this blogpost into three parts, just to neaten it up a little! So this is part 1 of a great day out.

When I was younger, I'd stay with my Grandma Cats in Canterbury for a week every summer. We used to get the bus to lots of different places like Ramsgate, Margate and of course Broadstairs; with a bucket and spade of course! Some of my earliest memories are of me wearing jelly shoes on the beach!

Sadly, my grandma passed away earlier this year, giving us the incentive to visit these places more now that we're all older. Our main aim in this trip was to visit the ice cream parlour, Morelli's, which my mum had always wanted to go to as a child. I'm not surprised as the place is gorgeous, so pretty and pink. It's a pity that I didn't take any pictures of it as a whole, I was too delighted to remember! It felt very 1950s American, it had a jukebox and everything! Also, you'll note in the second picture below that they had a basket of books to read! A wonderful idea indeed.

Morelli's had tonnes of different toppings to choose from, but I went for the classic Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae. It's my favourite type! Plus, the hot fudge sauce was to die for! Yum yum! The staff that served us were lovely, and didn't mind me taking a few photos at all. I'll definitely go back in the future and get something different, perhaps a hot chocolate. Mmmmm.

That was part one of my little family trip. Tomorrow I'll share even more photos! Psst, it involves books! Let me know in the comments where you'd like to visit. Perhaps you've already been somewhere lovely. I'd love to here your adventures!

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  1. Looks like a great place! I like any place that has gelato or sorbetto lol, there's a vacation town a couple of hours away that has the best sorbetto, I could eat it all day! And old jukeboxes are pretty awesome too.

    Great pics!

    1. It really was! I'll definitely be going there again. Places that sell gelato nearly always have a quaint design to them, it's great! Jukeboxes are amazing, I found another one in a bar near where I live yesterday, I was very pleased.

      Thank you! ^.^